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AlphapPlugins. The professional plug-ins filters for Adobe compatibles graphical editors such as Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, CorelDraw, Painter, Affinity and etc.
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Today: 25 Jun 2024 
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Photoshop CS plug-insPremiere CS plug-ins
Adobe Photoshop FiltersPhotoshop Plug-ins

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Photoshop CS plug-insPremiere CS plug-ins
Adobe Photoshop FiltersPhotoshop Plug-ins

AlphaPlugins TurbulenceDistortion plug-in for Photoshop

AlphaPlugins TurbulenceDistortion. A Basic Tutorial.

This simple tutorial is devoted to answer on the question "What is AlphaPlugins TurbulenceDistortion?" The matter is what Photoshop previously had not so beautiful tool for work with turbulence distortion and many even professional designers had not an idea what it is. In difference with designers who has a luck to work with Adobe AfterEffects editor what has a similar filter "Turbulence Displace" in standard set. And correspondingly there was a big practice how to use this filter in lot of different video effects. Our filter AlphaPlugins TurbulenceDistortion sould fill this gap and give to Photoshop's users a power and handy tool for efficient and productive work.
Below few simple steps will be shown which could give an answer on question "What is the AlphaPlugins TurbulenceDistortion?". The tutorial special made very simple and clear for dont waste your time for reading a big text descriptions but just give all answers about main plug-in's idea by one glance

- 1. Create a new composition. Fill the background with blue color

New Composition

- 2. Draw a figure of a white cloud. Dont try too hard for make this looked realistic. It is just a base for follow transformation.

Cloud figure

- 3. Apply a Gausian Blur filter on the cloud

Gausian Blur

- 4. Now we will apply the AlphaPlugins TurbulenceDistortion plug-in. If you havent yet installed it then it is time to do it. Here is a short instruction how to install the plug-in. It is not necessary to buy it for reproduce tutorial steps. The plug-in has a trial period.
- 5. So, we supposed what you already had the plug-in installed. Go to Photoshop's menu Filter->AlphaPlugins->TurbulenceDistortion. You should see the plug-in's dialog window.

Plug-ins dialog

- 6. You can apply default parameters or play with so parameters as "Value", "Size", "Kind" and etc.

- 7. When result will satisfy you then just press "OK" button and apply the filter

Plug-ins result

* * *

Of course, this tutorial describes only simplest and base steps only for the first acquaintance with this beautiful tool. Indeed, the possibilities of AlphaPlugins TurbulenceDistortion plug-in are much wider. You can self experiment with this amazing tool and I can insure what very quickly you explore the rich world of naturalistic effects which can be made by using our tool. And the answer on the question "What is AlphaPluginsTurbulenceDistortion?" is follow:
AlphaPlugins TurbulenceDistortion is a tool. Luxury tool indispensable as a base for creation realistic, complicated and professional quality incredible special effects

* * *

We showed you a basic technique how to use our plug-in. You can experiment with it more and give vent to fantasies.

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AlphaPlugins TurbulenceDistortion

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Photoshop CS plug-insPremiere CS plug-ins
Adobe Photoshop FiltersPhotoshop Plug-ins

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