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AlphapPlugins. The professional plug-ins filters for Adobe compatibles graphical editors such as Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, CorelDraw, Painter, Affinity and etc.
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Today: 13 Jun 2024 
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Adobe Photoshop FiltersPhotoshop Plug-ins
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Photoshop CS plug-insPremiere CS plug-ins
Adobe Photoshop FiltersPhotoshop Plug-ins
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Photoshop CS plug-insPremiere CS plug-ins
Adobe Photoshop FiltersPhotoshop Plug-ins
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Photoshop CS plug-insPremiere CS plug-ins

Adobe Photoshop FiltersPhotoshop Plug-ins

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Photoshop CS plug-insPremiere CS plug-ins
Adobe Photoshop FiltersPhotoshop Plug-ins
AlphaPNG v.1

AlphaPNG format plug-in by AlphaPlugins

 AlphaPlugins AlphaPNG FREE format plug-in for Photoshop 

Now you can save semi-transparent images with semi-transparent tones and an alpha-channel in 8-bit PNG format! AlphaPNG lets you choose your ideal color palette (RGB or Greyscale) and automatically optimizes it using our True-Color algorithm to convert your images into high quality indexed color PNG images with optimal dithering and optimized palettes.

  • Save semi-transparent images in 8-bit PNG format.

  • True-Color algorithm intelligently converts full-color images into indexed color.

  • Friendly and intuitive user interface.

  • Easy to install and use.

  • It's Shareware! Fully functional and FREE!

  • Photoshop CS FiltersAfter Effects CS3 plug

    How to install and use.

    Download the AlphaPNG installer and launch.

    The installer will automatically locate your "Photoshop Plug-ins > File Formats" folder and install the plug-in here.
    Launch Photoshop and open any image.
    In the file menu, click "File > Save As"

    Save As Alpha PNG

    Select the file type "AlphaPNG" and enter the new PNG file name and click "Save" to launch the AlphaPNG plug-in.

    AlphaPNG UI Screenshot

    Adjust the parameters of the PNG as you desire and click "Save". As you work with the plug-in, immediately see the results in real-time including the size of new PNG file in status bar. The preview window is scaleable and can be dragged to change its size.

    Photoshop CS4 FiltersAfter Effects CS3 Filters

    AlphaPNG 32bit

    Sample 32-bit source image with alpha-channel

    Sample of use AlphaPNG

    Convert 32bit to 8bit semitransperent

    Sample of semi-transparent palette. The 32-bit full-color picture will be compressed into an 8-bit indexed color compact size PNG
    8bit PNG with semitransperent palette

    Semi-transparent 8-bit PNG on gradient background. Use AlphaPNG to create amazingly compact and great looking images for all your web design projects!

    The AlphaPNG format plug-in is ShareWare product. It means, that you can download and install and absolutelly FREE and use as long as you want without any limitation. But if you like this product then you can donate the author and register.

    Photoshop CS plug-insPremiere CS plug-ins

    Adobe Photoshop FiltersPhotoshop Plug-ins
    Available versions
      Release Size  US$ 19.99
     Windows (32/64 Bit)   v.1.0  2019/09/05   1009 Kb   download softwarepurchase software

    Photoshop CS4 FiltersAfter Effects CS3 Filters
    Adobe Photoshop FiltersPhotoshop Plug-ins
    Latest News

    2023.04.05 - All our plug-ins are adopted to work with Serif Affinity Photo 2 editor

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    2022.06.28 - the Engraver App was added to the top list of the world best photo sketch apps
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    2021.07.12 - Apple's Silicon M1 processor and native Photoshop2022 support now!
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    2021.06.12 - Oscar award for special effect with using our plug-ins!
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    Photoshop CS plug-insPremiere CS plug-ins

    Adobe Photoshop FiltersPhotoshop Plug-ins

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    Photoshop CS plug-insPremiere CS plug-ins
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